Here are links to resources / websites / information that have proved useful in my contracting and consulting work. If you have a favorite BA or QA link that you'd like to share, feel free to contact RML Consulting Services with your suggestion or use the comment section at the bottom of this page.


California Office of System Integration - Project Life Cycle Framework
The Project Life Cycle tab has an extensive set of templates with commentary. The Web-Based Training Modules, a large selection of videos including some on SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), no longer seem to be available. In fact, the entire set of pages seems on the way out. 

Business Analysts

Alex Papworth offers on his website many free articles, resources, an interesting blog. His goal is to accelerate the professional development of all BA’s. Courses are offered.

Karl Wiegers is Principal Consultant with Process Impact in Portland, Oregon. Very well known in Business Analysis and especially in the area of requirements engineering. His book "Software Requirements", 3rd Edition (with Joy Beatty) is highly recommended.

Martin Coomber is a BA based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is a Certified Business Analyst Professional, tutors IIBA study groups, and mentors other BAs. His Document Productivity website provides document editing tools to the BA community.

Robin Goldsmith (Go Pro Management Inc)
Robin Goldsmith, principal of Go Pro Management, is a prolific writer on the whole range of BA activities, including original work on finding the right business requirements ("REAL" requirements), and the creator of the powerful Problem Pyramid(tm) tool. Much useful information on practical techniques and links to articles on TechTarget's website.

Lauesen is particularly interesting for doing requirements documentation of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) purchases. Web site also includes good templates. Lauesen wrote a favorite BA book: "Software Requirements: Styles and Techniques".

Two names that need no introduction. Invaluable for anything to do with requirements.

Business Architecture

Website provides a range of consulting and training services focused on Enterprise, Systems and Software Architecture. Their award-winning web site (given the Technology Site Award - Five Star Selection, from itmWEB) organizes a selection of resources of software architecture that is worth a look from all BA's.

Industry leader in business process modelling (BPM) and process improvement. Excellent (and no cost) resources on business architecture in the Articles and Resources section of their website. Co-founder is Roger Burlton, noted thought-leader in the field.

The Zachman Framework is an industry best-practice model for business architecture. This website is the home of the Zachman Framework, John A. Zachman, and a good resource for Continual Professional Development (CPD).

The website sponsored by Coley offers a great deal of good information on software testing as well as information on requirements and software management. Note the section on the IEEE 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation.
A consulting firm based in the UK that offers a host of excellent free resources primarily focussed on testing and QA. 


IIBA® is an independent non-profit professional association for the growing field of business analysis. Web site is a rich collection of resources and source of the BABOK® (Business Analyst Book of Knowledge). I belong to the Toronto Chapter.

TASSQ is a forum and meeting place for professional and technical exchange promoting systems & software quality. Their excellent collection of past presentations at monthly meetings was unfortunately lost, but fortunately they are rebuilding with past presentations starting from 2013, which is quite useful.

Product Websites

Inclusion of a product website does not imply endorsement or use of the product; but rather endorsement of the learning resources that these companies put at the disposal of the BA public.

Website with many useful guidelines and background for business analysis, especially user stories and use cases. Check out The Learning Center on the site.

Excellent material on business analysis artifacts and what they mean in the Tutorials section

A free download of a tool for managing use cases is available. This is an interesting learning tool, and may be useful to you in actual business situations.


Collection of articles, forums, blogs, whitepapers, webcasts, podcasts, etc. on the discipline of requirements gathering, constantly updated and with many experienced contributors
The Open Directory Project billed itself as the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. Now archived, it remains an interesting resource, and is continuing in a different form. An example of changing internet business value. More information here and here

Use Wikipedia early in any search for general information and links to more details. For our purposes suggest you start with business analysis or quality assurance.

Good Ideas

Miscellaneous web sites that are not BA- or QA-related, but generally worthwile to know about.

What could be a better idea than composting your garbage with worms! A fun web site and useful too.