Revision History

Documents are typically in a constant or periodic state of change. To ensure that everyone knows which version of your document they are using, and why, the document should include the following parts:

  • A section called "Revision History" or "Document History"  that gives the summary of changes. This is typcially a table in the front or back. It is most often in the front, but I like it in the back.
  • A revision number in the document (typcially on the front page or on every page (at the top or bottom).
  • I also recommend the revision number in the title.


  • Create a document.
  • Make a table with the following columns:
    • Date
    • Revision Number
    • Comments
    • Modified by
  • Give the table the following attributes:
    • The first two columns should be exactly the same width. Select them both and right click. You will see the menu option "Distribute columns evenly"
    • Give the header row a very light gray shading, no more than 10%.



Revision Number


Modified By






What are the typical formats for revision numbers?

  • Some people use the style ".8, .9, 1.0, 1.1, etc".
  • Sometimes it is sufficient to use 01, 02, 03, ... etc.