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Shopping List

Here is an exercise involving a Shopping List. This is the same exercise as the Shopping List Exercise for Word. It works much better using Excel.

  • Open an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Imagine that you are making a detailed shopping list for food items. Put the following columns in your worksheet.
    1. Food Item,
    2. Brief Description,
    3. Quanity,
    4. Estimated cost,
    5. Corresponding Meal (e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) for the food item. (Consider that       simple case that you will have the item for only one meal)
    6. Importance,
    7. Expected Store of Purchase
  • Enter 5 food items into the table and make an entry in each column.
  • Sort the items in alphabetic order by Item

Additional Questions:

  1. What could be a suitable layout for a table to show which food items are eaten at several meals, and what are those meals.

  2. What could be a suitable layout for a table to keep track of how much you enjoyed each food item, so that you would buy it again.

  3. What could be a suitable layout for a table to document if you bought the item at a different store?