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Importing Data


Knowing the methods of importing and exporting data to and from Excel is very useful and will come in handy more than once in your work as a BA.

  • Use Notepad to create a file with the following data:
Letter, Item, Number, Date
A,apple,12,Feb 12
B,Betty,13,Feb 13
C,cat,14,Feb 14

  • Save the data with the file name: mydata.txt

Exercise 1

Perform the following steps:

  • Open Excel.
  • Open option “Import text”
  • Specify the “txt” file you created above.
  • Follow the “data import wizard” steps to create an Excel spreadsheet containing the data in the txt file.


Additional Questions

  • Explain in general terms what is the point here. [Answer: You are “transferring” data to Excel from another application, using a simple data transfer format.]
  • What is a more sophisticated example of this general process. [Answer: Transferring data using “XML” format]