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Basics 3 - Formatting Cells

Use the spreadsheet of Exercise 1 or enter a small spreadsheet.

See also Excel Formatting Exercise to download, at the bottom of the page.



Suggested Method(s)


Select cell A2 and make the font “Bold

-          Select cell A2 and right-click.

-          Choose the menu option “Format Cells …”

-          (There will be a dialogue box.)

-          Select the tab “Font”. Selec the option “bold”.

-          Select “OK”



The dialogue box “Format Cells” is a central feature of Excel.

Select a cell, open the “Format Cells” dialogue box, and go through all the tabls up to “Protection” and try them out.



The behaviour will depend on the data you operate on. If the data is not compatible, e.g. you try “date” format on text, Excel ignores the formatting operation until you enter suitable data.

Use the following Tabs:

-          Number

-          Alignment

-          Font

-          Border

-          Fill

-          (Ignore Protection for now.)

Richard Levine,
Aug 21, 2020, 1:56 PM